Best Workout Plan for Your Body Transformation

Regarding health and fitness, if your main motive is to get a perfect body with attractive muscles and change your personality then welcome! You are in the right place. This exercise plan is made to help you grow tall by building attractive muscle in all major muscle groups while cutting fat reserves.

If you want to include a large amount of muscle size to your body, what you should do in the gym becomes more important. Because without perfect exercise stimulation, your body will not have the stimulation needed to combine new muscle tissue that changes your body. This four-week best workout plan is specifically made to push your mind and muscles all together out of their comfort zone and trigger this muscle-forming reaction. Though this is a difficult workout plan, it is very useful if you are serious about increasing size.

How to follow this amazing workout plan

A smart approach is to work out on 3 days including Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and then Saturday or Sunday to achieve maximum recovery time. Each exercise in this plan consists of straight sets. This means that you do all the sets and repetitions of exercise 1 and then move on to exercise 2 and do all the sets and repetitions and so on. Use weights that allow you to only complete the last representative of the last set for each exercise. Repeat these exercises at a good speed. No doubt, you got the best results if you follow the best workout plan carefully. You should stick to the speed set for each movement because this will train your muscles harder for a long time and this is the reason for growth.

However, if you try to lift the same weight for the second or third set of exercises, you can increase the break-time between sets to give you longer recovery time. Try to rest between sets for 90 seconds and see if you can achieve the goals that are repeated for the next group. If not, add the rest for a maximum of two minutes and then start again.

Exercise 1 for upper body

Set 4, repetitions 10, Rest 60sec

Lie down on a bench and hold the barbell in your hands at chest level. Place your feet right on the floor just below your knees. Rotate your core and the back muscles and pressing your feet to the floor. Hold your entire body and chest slightly up and then push the weights straight up until your arms are straight and the weights touch the middle of your chest. Later slowly lower the weight back to the starting position under full control. It is one of the best workout plans for the upper body.

Exercise 2 lat pull down

Set 4, repetitions 10, break-time 60sec

Keep your position with the double shoulder-width grip on the bar. Keep your chest straight with your stomach and back straight, and then pull down the bar to your chin as high as your elbows. Hold the down position for one second, press firmly on the grille, and then turn it back to the beginning. It is also ideal for a chest workout routine.

Exercise 3 overhead press machines

Set 3, repetitions of 10, rest 60sec

Carefully prepare the machine by following the instructions given by experts to make the necessary adjustments so that you are in the correct position and be safe when sitting. However, in the initial position, you must sit up straight with your chest facing up and hold the handle with a handle that is wider than your shoulder width. Take a long breath, exhale heavily, and push the handle up till your arms are completely straight. After that bend your elbows steadily and slowly back to the starting position.

Exercise 4 cable cross over

Set 3, repetitions of 10, break 60sec

Stand in a split in the middle position of the cable machine and hold the two D-handle in two hands that is mounted in an upright position. Hold your chest upward direction, shaped with a core and slightly bend your elbows, and lower your arms in a gentle arch to meet before your thighs. Hold this lower position for a moment, press firmly on the chest muscles, and then rotate it back to the beginning.

Exercise 5 cable bar for biceps curling

Set 3, repetitions of 10, break 60sec

Stand high in before the cable machine straighten your chest lifted and your core closed and hold the bar with the handle on the washing machine low. Hold your chest and elbows firmly to the side and bend the barbell up when your arms are chin-high. Carefully hold the upper position and push biceps to maintain tension. After that, slowly return to the beginning position without the elbows moving away from any point. Bend your triceps down.

Exercise 6 Squeeze the triceps for the cable

Set 3, repetitions 10, break-time 60sec

Stand tall having straight your chest in front of the cable machine and hold the bar with the handle on the windshield. Hold the chest and elbows to the side and push the arms down until the arms are completely straight. Stop and bend your triceps to maintain tension. Then slowly and steadily come back to the starting position.

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