Effective Natural Ways To Treat Tinnitus

Experiencing the sensation of ringing, hissing, or whistling in the inner ear? If yes, it indicates a condition known as tinnitus.

When a person perceives a ringing sensation in the inner ear without any sound in the external environment, such a condition is referred to as tinnitus. A person suffering from such a condition perceives a soft to loud sound ranging from low to the high pitch, depending upon the severity of the condition. In some cases, the pitch even remains constant.

Firstly, tinnitus is not a disease rather it’s a symptom of various underlying causes. Vestibular disorders are some of the most common tinnitus causes. If stats are to be believed, about 20% of the population is diagnosed with tinnitus. It is majorly found in people above the age group of 50 years. Many consider it as a sign of an age-related issue, but that’s not the fact. Negligence on your part will make the situation worse.

Tinnitus is widely categorized into two types: subjective and objective tinnitus. When a ringing sensation is heard only by the patient and not the other person such a condition is referred to as subjective tinnitus. Whereas in objective tinnitus, a doctor examining the patient can even hear the sound.

A large percentage of patients are diagnosed with subjective tinnitus. If not treated on time it can result in the loss of permanent hearing ability, making the situation much worse than a nightmare. It is advised to seek medical help as soon as you start experiencing any symptoms of tinnitus such as whistling or ringing in the inner ear to get the right tinnitus treatment to ease the condition.

Consult an expert neurologist to get yourself diagnosed. He will carry a series of tinnitus tests before suggesting any tinnitus treatment. Once the underlying tinnitus cause and the severity of the condition is diagnosed, your doctor will prescribe you with the right tinnitus medicine and tinnitus exercises to ease the condition and give the much-needed relief.

If the patient is diagnosed with mild tinnitus, then practicing certain tinnitus home remedies along with tinnitus medications and tinnitus treatment suggested by doctors helps in easing the condition at a faster speed.

Here is a list of some:

  1. Give up on smoking

Before we go to any natural remedies for tinnitus, first and foremost is to give up on smoking, if you are prone to smoking, to treat tinnitus naturally. Smoking is not good for health and everyone is well aware of it. Excessive smoking affects the blood flow to the nerve cells responsible for controlling hearing thus making tinnitus symptoms complex in no time.

Apart from it, smoking can be one of the tinnitus causes that increases the velocity of ringing in the inner ear.

  1. Avoid deep silence

A person experiencing tinnitus is likely to get affected by complete silence. Deep silence makes it difficult for them to deal with the ringing sensations. Sleeping in pin-drop silence at night makes the patient experiencing tinnitus feel uneasy. It is advised to play soothing music in the background. It helps the patient suffering from tinnitus to get distracted from the ringing sensations. Soothing sounds of droplets or oceans are recommended for people suffering from tinnitus.

  1. Make changes in dietary habits

Food plays an important role in treating any medical condition. If a patient is experiencing ringing sensations making certain changes in daily diet helps in preventing the condition from getting worse. It is advised to avoid certain food and drinks such as aspirin, salt, alcohol & caffeinated beverages if one is experiencing tinnitus. These foods can trigger the condition and make it worse. Making changes in the daily diet helps in easing the condition. To treat tinnitus naturally, give up on alcohol and caffeinated beverages.

  1. Yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation are some of the most effective tinnitus home remedies to ease the condition and give some relief. If a person is experiencing ringing sensation in the ear for a prolonged duration, it further leads to stress and anxiety. Practicing yoga and meditation regularly helps in easing the tinnitus conditions and is known as an effective tinnitus treatment. It does not promise to alleviate tinnitus symptoms completely but helps in giving much relief if used with other tinnitus treatments. Regular practice of certain yoga poses helps in increasing the concentration and focus thus giving some relief.

  1. Ear wax removal

Excess ear wax build-up is one of the major causes of tinnitus. Certain natural remedies help in preventing such a condition. To prevent wax, follow a regime to pour two drops of olive oil, twice a week. It is considered as one of the natural remedies for tinnitus. It is advised to visit a doctor for wax removal if you are having an excessive wax build-up.

  1. Tinnitus Exercises

Practicing certain tinnitus exercises helps in easing tinnitus symptoms along with improving sleep. Exercising at least three times a week helps in alleviating tinnitus symptoms. It is advised to consult an expert neurologist before practicing certain exercises on self. He will guide you with the right exercise and the technique of doing so. You can get started with simple walking. It is one of the best tinnitus exercises to treat it naturally.

  1. Take adequate sleep

The ringing sensation in the inner ear is experienced at a much higher pitch making tinnitus worse if a person lacks a sufficient amount of sleep. Sleep deprivation becomes an everyday case if a person is suffering from tinnitus. Make sure you take a sufficient amount of sleep to prevent tinnitus symptoms from getting worse. Follow a proper bedtime regime to treat tinnitus naturally.

  1. Avoid getting exposed to loud music

Exposure to loud music is one of the major tinnitus causes. If a person is exposed to loud music for prolonged hours, it makes the situation worse. It is advised to protect your hearing ability by using ear protection in loud music concerts. Wearing earplugs helps in treating the underlying condition naturally. It is counted as the best tinnitus treatment that helps in preventing symptoms from getting worse.

  1. Invest in ear protection products

To treat tinnitus, investing in Ear protection products is the right move. Buy earplugs or noise-canceling headphones to treat tinnitus. You can simply carry ear protection products wherever you go to avoid loud music. If you are experiencing loud noises at home, using ear protection products at home is recommended.

If you are experiencing ringing sensations in the ear, it is advised to seek medical help before the symptoms start getting worse. Consult an expert neurologist to get yourself diagnosed and get the right tinnitus treatment after undergoing tinnitus tests. Practicing tinnitus home remedies along with medical treatments help in easing the condition sooner than you expect.


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