The Best Fitness App to Download in 2020

Sneakers, workout gears, and smartphones are the three crucial essentials that every modern gym-goer needs today. Load your Smartphone with the right fitness apps, and it would become quite essential for you in your expedition to lead a healthy and satisfying lifestyle. Whether you want to start practicing for sound sleep, make healthier diet regimes or exercise more for fitness, there are several fitness apps that can help you achieve your desired fitness goals. So, without any further ado, let check some of the best fitness apps that are worth downloading in your Smartphone in 2020. 

Fiit – Best App for Workout Classes

Many fitness applications provide a comprehensive gym experience right at home, with video lessons and a library that you may follow as per your convenience. Still, Fitt is the best of all fitness app and for many good reasons. It offers your fitness classes and video library that are separated by duration, type, difficulty levels and body part. It becomes easier for users to follow the regimes. The application can be paired with a dedicated heart rate monitor that comes with the package, and it helps in counting the reps in cardio and strength training. 

Nike Run Club – Best Running App

As the name suggests, it is the running application that allows you to track your runs and covers the key aspects like distance, pace, and time. It offers you guided sessions and training plans along with audio guided run features, like Nike Coaches. The application comprises mindfulness-focused training classes, and sessions and all the training plans are customized to present and future targets.

Cyclemeter – Best Cycling App

It is the cycling application that regularly offers a wide range of data to the cyclist, making it the best pick to check the map, stats, and graph of daily cycling. It offers a plethora of information and data via its colourful graphs. Plus, the data offered by the application can be synced with other activity sharing apps.

MyFitnessPal – Best App for Counting Calories

It is a popular and widely downloaded application when it comes to counting calories in the body. It comprises the best database of food menus, and it allows scanning barcodes and logs the meal plans on the application. Based on the data provided to the application, it helps in tracking the calorie count in the body and get details macros. The app helps in tracking what is going on in your body virtually. 

OurPath – Best Weight Loss App

our path is more than just a weight-loss application. It helps in keeping track of calories and supports you in losing weight efficiently. The application uses CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) to encourage a positive attitude towards weight loss and help overcome the setbacks associated with the natural process of losing weight. The application helps you maintain a healthy weight and personalize a meal plan that can help you achieve your fitness goals effortlessly. You also get a consultation from a qualified nutritionist and dietician who suggests the best meal plans and supplements. Use the Netmeds coupon code to buy the products online and keep saving money on every order.                   

Seven – Best App for Fast Workout

Seven is the ultimate fitness application that offers short bodyweight workouts to help people stay in shape and tone in the shortest time possible. If you are having a shortage of time to dedicate for a workout, download Seven App that offers you a couple of circuits and guides you through every step of your exercises with images, and this can help you keep a tab on your body weight and stay in shape always. 

Calm – Best App for Sleeping

When it comes to fall asleep quickly with a relaxed mind, download Calm App. The application comes with guided meditation sessions and a 7-day course designed mainly to improvise your sleep patterns and mood. As a result, you will see yourself falling asleep quickly as you have someone to read a story for you. The application comes pre-loaded with many famous stories, and it also has the option to add a few more stories as per your interest. 

So, these were some of the best fitness applications that are worth downloading in 2020. Most of the fitness apps are free to download, while some need a monthly subscription. Download the dedicated app from the app store as per your need and fitness goals. 


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