The Most Hilarious Complaints We’ve Heard about Skip Hire Services in the UK

Most companies regardless of what they specialize in have a complaint management policy and guidelines. As much they endeavour to provide quality services to their clients, a good company will always be ready for unexpected complaints from clients; thereby making them ready to receive any form of dissatisfaction from the customers they offer their services. Rubbish clearance companies are part of the firms that customers also complain about their services.

The very company takes criticism and complaints positively because they understand that they form the basis of improvements and a strategy to design more friendly services to improve customer satisfaction. As it is, many companies in the UK offer waste removal services, this makes the industry highly competitive, and it is also easier to lose a client to a competitor than to get another one. Complaints can be an opportunity to improve the levels of satisfaction to customers, and at the same time hilarious to some point. Find below some of the complaints levelled by customers about waste removing firms in the UK.

Smaller Skip Bags than Expected

Sometimes you may have decided to pick a particular size of skip and furnish the details to the skip hire company. Most clients especially the new clients may not be able to specify the sizes and end up being brought the ordered size but not what he or she expected. The next step you will expect from such a client is a discussion that will lead to arguments with the driver and graduate to a complaint. This will paint the company as unprofessional and unfriendly staff like drivers. If looked in to critically, the clients may have estimated the sizes.

Late Deliveries Collections of Skips

Late deliveries can be prompted by logistics and unforeseen technical hitches. A customer can order for a particular service but by the time of ordering there could be delay arrangements which can be explained by the waste management company clearly. In this regard, it is obvious that the customer may not understand leading to dissatisfaction. Most customers in the UK have complained about the late collection of skips, however this could be the mistake of the company or the client, as much as it can lead to discomfort, it is something that can be discussed between parties and solved.

Lengthy Procedure in getting services

As much as it can be a good idea to engage the services of a waste collection company, it is also discouraging to be held on the lengthy procedures for long. Some clients have always thought that it is just something that is ordered and immediately they deliver. This is what they haven’t known about the services; there should be an allowance for the transportation and the time is taken for it to get to the site it is destined to. Just a little bit of patience can help, from the customer’s side, simple communication to a customer from the service company can save the day for them. It is never an immediate affair, patience is central.

Delay in responding to customer requests

Have you ever waited for something that has always wanted for a long time? It is normal but you should give a little time for delays, this is not justifying the delays in waste management services ordered. When a person seeks the services of a waste clearing company, you should do it in due time, this means that if you anticipate for waste products that will need to be removed, you should ask for their services on time to avoid the inconvenience. Make sure that you register your intention early enough. By so doing you are saving yourself time and waste of resources and the inconvenience caused by pilled waste.

Unfriendly staff and drivers

Everyone has a personality, other may appear as if rough and unprofessional, others would appear to be polite on the face but again rough while others would appear to clients as if not concerned all these attitudes may lead to misunderstanding between maybe the driver and the customer, both the employee and the customer should be able to understand the personalities of each other. Otherwise, the driver and the customer should be professionals in the manner of dealing with different clients all the time. A negative approach will not only affect the services offered by the staff but reduce the trust and confidence of the client towards the waste removing company.


Above mentioned are just a few complaints that are generally discussed in the waste removal business; there’re a lot more than this. That’s why you should only hire a reputable rubbish clearance company like Clearabee that provides adequate services across the UK with five-star ratings and 100% customer satisfaction.


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