Top Seven Reasons to Try CrossFit

CrossFit is growing in popularity with many different kinds of people looking to get fit and stay healthy. It is a program that uses a mix of different disciplines such as athletics, weightlifting and gymnastics and is based on doing sets of different movements at high intensity. When looking at CrossFit Perth as an option to attain peak fitness, know that it is a great exercise that can be adapted to your level of fitness and strength. Sessions are usually an hour in length and are made up of a warm-up, some mix of technical and intense activity, and then a cool down.

Why you should check CrossFit out

Here are the seven reasons why CrossFit is a great way to get physically in shape and improve your health and mental well-being too.

  1. It can help you lose weight – A lot of people think that you have to do cardio all of the time to be on an exercise program that will help you lose weight. But something like CrossFit is a great mix of disciplines and the high-intensity aspect of it means you will burn more fat at a faster rate and so lose more weight than you would with something like running. Plus you have the bonus of also working muscles and getting toned.
  2. It is easy to stay motivated as nothing gets boring – CrossFit is certainly not boring. There is no routine to it, there is always a challenge and changes so it is a lot easier to stay interested and stay motivated. As well as taking part in CrossFit you could also include visiting a gym when you properly equip your office gym.
  3. Increase your lifespan and stay youthful for longer – This is a great way to boost mobility and keep you young for longer. Exercise is a great way to extend your lifespan and it improves your bone density too.
  4. Boost your immune system – A healthy diet combined with good exercise boosts your immune system. This means you get sick less often, have to take fewer sick days from work and lead a life with more energy and less sickness and injuries.
  5. Improve your self-esteem and confidence – Feeling better physically, being happier with how you look and what you can achieve, is a great way to boost your self-esteem and the confidence you have in yourself. With CrossFit Perth you can not only be better physically you can feel better emotionally and mentally too. Plus sessions are easy to adapt so that you can start at any level and then work things back in as you get stronger.
  6. Be more capable and self-reliant – Along with improved self-esteem, you are more capable to do things yourself. You have the strength to move a piece of furniture, open a jar of pickles, walk a longer distance for appointments. You do not have to rely on others.
  7. It is a lot of fun – As well as all the benefits there are to start doing CrossFit training, there is also the fact that it is fun. There is no monotony, there is challenge. It is different from your usual exercise schedule and something you can fit into your lifestyle easily. When you are enjoying the activity you engage in you are more likely to keep doing it!


CrossFit plus when you properly equip your office gym are great ways to improve your health, your lifespan, your strength, your mental stability and your general well-being. Take a look and will not regret it.

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